Frank Yung-Fong Tang demostrated Project SILA in UNESCO 32nd General Conference

Frank Yung-Fong Tang demostrated Project SILA in UNESCO 32nd General Conference, Oct 6-8, 2003, Paris, France

Author: Frank Yung-Fong Tang <>

Frank Yung-Fong Tang in the UNESCO Plenary Session meeting room, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France [Oct 8, 2003].

I was invited to UNESCO's General Conference 32nd Session Commission V from Oct 6-8, 2003 in Paris, France to demostrated Project SILA as part of the Initiativel B@bel Project. I represent SIL International as an external consultant for them. (see page 9 of "International Non-Governmental Organizations maintaining formal relations with UNESCO" under SIL International). During that three days, I meet with many govement officials from different countries and gave them my 5-10 minutes presentation of Project SILA. They all see the demostration of using Open Source Mozilla browser to display minority language supported by SIL Graphite. I demostrated Project SILA to Ministre de al Culture of Senegal, delegates from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kenya, Nepal, India, as well as UNESCO employees. I also have chance to speak to delegates from China, Georgia about the SILA and Mozilla project.

Frank Yung-Fong Tang present Project SILA to deletates from UNESCO memeber states and UNESCO employees in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. Color screenshots of Project SILA is taped on the wall in the right side of the picture. [Oct 8, 2003]

The most interesting thing is one week before we arrived, Mrs Laura Bush, First Lady of United States of America, visit the same place and gave a speech about United Stated rejoin UNESCO. I took a picture in the same place she gave here speech. The differences is she have a lot of audiance when she gave that speech and I have no one listen to me while I took that picture.

Frank Yung-Fong Tang prentend to give a speech in the UNESCO Plenary Session one week after Mrs Laura Bush gave her speech in the same spot, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France [Oct 8, 2003].  [See the popup window for the pictures of Mrs Laura Bush in the exact same spot September 29, 2003. Click HERE to if the popup window did not show up.]

Frank Yung-Fong Tang with four other SIL International Delegates and the national flags of the United States of America in the Plenary Session stage, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France [Oct 8, 2003].

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