How to Get SILA Source?

The sila source code can be accessed in either of the following ways:

How to Build the SILA Source?

There are three  main parts of source to make SILA work:
  1. A patch to patch Mozilla source
  2. The OpenGraphite library from
  3. mg2- A COM server which called by Mozilla and call to OpenGraphite

I. Build the patched Mozilla:

To build the patched mozilla part, you need to do the following:
  1. Build Mozilla- Read the documentation on about how to get the Mozilla source and how to build it. The current patch only work with Mozilla 1.0 branch, therefore you need to use the branch tag MOZILLA_1_0_BRANCH for now.
  2. Get the Patch- The patch(es) is available in sila/src/patch/
  3. Patch the Mozilla-
    cd mozilla/gfx/src/windows
    patch < sila/src/patch/moz10patch.txt
  4. Rebuild the Mozilla gfx:
    cd mozilla/gfx/

II. The SILGraphite library form

To simplified the development process, we currently checked in a snapshot of OpenGraphite into the sila source tree.
  1. Get the SILGraphite library source from Project SILA cvs tree:
    cvs -d co sila/opengraphite
  2. To build release build: (this will change soon)
    cd sila/opengraphite
    nmake -f makefile
    It will build release/grengine.lib
  3. To build debug build:
    cd sila/opengraphite
    nmake -f makefile CFG="debug"
    It will build debug/grengine.lib

III. mg2- A COM server which called by Mozilla and call to OpenGraphite

  1. Make sure you build the opengraphite as above first.
  2. Get the mg2 source from the cvs tree:
    cvs -d co sila/mg2
  3. open sila/mg2/mg2.dsw by using vc6++ msdev.
  4. build the project. 

Other Places to Get the OpenGraphite Library

The main OpenGraphite source is on However, they only have a tarball version and don't have a cvs serve setup yet. In additional, there are a source forge cvs tree setup for the Linux porting efforts:
  1. Get it from sila source tree: Because has not provide cvs or lxr on the OpenGraphtie yet, we check in the snapshoot of SILGraphite under cvs tree. This cvs tree is just a mirror of snapshoot of SILGraphite and is intend te be a readonly tree only. We will not use this cvs tree for active SILGraphics developement. We will eventually merge back the code into SILGraphite CVS tree and probably will remove these directory in the SIL cvs tree once that is done. Here is how you get the source from sila cvs server:
    cvs -d login
    cvs -d co sila/opengraphite
  2. Get it from the Linux SILGraphite source forge cvs server: There are also a open source Linux port of SILGraphite project right now. You can find their information in
People used to can get the Graphite source code from the following place. But now those place are obsolsted. Please do NOT get it from these places.
  1. Get the tarball from The official place to get the tarball should be linked from the Graphite site ( ). However, because that server was down by a hacker in Oct 2002, the most up-to-date source is posted at
  2. Get it from the Linux OpenGraphite source forge cvs server: There are also a open source Linux port of OpenGraphite project right now. You can find their information in
  3. Get it from the Notice, as today (10/28/2002), the source in the does NOT contains the 10112002 version.
    $ export
    $ cvs login
    Password: anonymous
    $ cvs co graphite

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