Graphite enabled Firefox and Thunderbird

Graphite enabled Firefox and Thunderbird

Graphite enabled version of Firefox and Thunderbird are now available for Windows. These should be able to render text using any Graphite enabled Smart Font. Most Linux distributions have pango support enabled, so you just need to install the graphite Pango module from the Graphite Subversion repository.

These have significantly improved editing support from previous SILA builds. In particular:

A Graphite enabled versions of Firefox 1.5 are now available for Windows. Firefox 1.5 now has built in support for Pango, so standard Linux builds in combination with the Silgraphite Pango Module should work reasonably well. There are currently some issues with Silgraphite Pango, but hopefully these will be resolved soon.


Installers are only available for Windows. Please, click on the link to download and then run. The latest installers are highlighted.

Zip Distributions

Unzip these into your preferred location e.g. c:\program files\Mozilla Firefox on Windows or /usr/local on Linux. You will need to add desktop links to the executables by hand.

Note: The 1.0.6 Gr2 builds were done on Ubuntu 1.0.4 and need The 1.0.1 Linux builds were done on Fedora Core 3 and need installed on your machine. If you have Graphite Pango installed, there will be a namespace clash with the Graphite 1 library and the application may crash.


Please download and test these builds. If you find any problems please report a bug. They should work with any Graphite enabled font. Most of the testing has been done with the Myanmar/Burmese Unicode font Padauk from SIL. You can also try the PadaukOT Myanmar font with both Graphite and OpenType support - if Graphite support is available from sila or graphitepango then Graphite rendering is used in preference to OpenType. Both fonts have been updated to implement the proposed extensions to the Myanmar Unicode block.

Build Description

The recent builds were done against Graphite 2 pulled from svn:// On Windows the graphite.lib files are copied into dist/lib in the Mozilla build structure. The patches to the main mozilla code are found in Sila's Bugzilla. The most recent additional sila files are in Sila's CVS.

Builds were done by Keith Stribley

The sila project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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